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Coffee & Desserts

Spirited Coffees

Nutty Irishman, Keoke Coffee, Fowler…
Or Create Your Own!!

Espresso Martini $12.00
Espresso, Vanilla Vodka, Bailey’s Irish
Cream, KahluaCoffee Liqueur & Crème de Cocoa
(Can also be served with decaf espresso)

Macondo Coffee $2.50
Tea ∙ Hot Cocoa $2.50
Espresso $4
Cappuccino $5

Crème Brûlée 12

Brownie Sundae 10
Homemade brownies, vanilla ice cream, chocolate & caramel drizzle, fresh whipped cream

Bruléed Orange Rum Mascarpone Bread Pudding 12
House-made whipped cream

Gelato Duo 11
Flavors fluctuate

Banana cheesecake wrapped in a flour tortilla, deep fried, rolled in cinnamon & sugar, with caramel sauce 11

a la Mode… $2

*Gluten Free