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We feature live entertainment in our Pub!  Renowned as much for the good cheer, good beer,  and fun times as for the old New England décor.  Our Pub is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy an evening with old friends, and is a great place to make new ones! Music starts around 9p midweek, and 10p on weekends.

September 2023

TUES 19 Darin Keech
WED 20 James Harris
THURS 21 Jazz
FRI 22 Lincoln Foley
SAT 23 The Subliminals
SUN 24 Bashment Sounds

MON 25 Lucas Neil
TUES 26 Phil Adams
WED 27 James Harris
Thurs 28 Jazz
FRI 29 James Harris
SAT 30 Woolite

October 2023

SUN 1 Bashment Sounds
MON 2 Darin Keech
TUES 3 Andy Chaney
WED 4 James Harris
THURS 5 Jazz
FRI 6 Danny Fleet
SUN 8 Bashment Sounds

MON 9 Noah Feldman
TUES 10 Lincoln Foley
WED 11 James
THURS 12 Jazz
FRI 13 The Subliminals
SAT 14 Shiloh & Emily
SUN 15 Bashment Sounds

MON 16 James Harris
TUES 17 Ramblin’ Dan Stevens
WED 18 James Harris
THURS 19 Jazz
FRI 20 Ethan Cash
SAT 21 Woolite
SUN 22 Bashment Sounds

MON 23 Lucas Neil
TUES 24 Darin Keech
WED 25 James Harris
Thurs 26 Jazz
FRI 27 Lincoln Foley
SAT 28 James Harris
SUN 29 Bashment Sounds
MON 30 Phil Adams
TUES 31 Noah Feldman